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In hot markets, a new game is often played. It’s a game of chase. A game of hype.

At the time, many of us feel it’s pull. Tech stocks in the late 90s, real estate pre-2008, 2021’s crypto mania.

In these moments, the same discipline that keeps us calm in market shocks helps us detach from the hype.

Now detached, we can play a different game. In this game, we’re measured & balanced. We consider all the angles. We align our actions with our long-term plan, not the hype.

With discipline, we put the odds on our side.

Behind the scenes on “Time & Money: 5 Pillars of Successful Investing” with Bob Carnegie, CFA, CEPA, CFP® Chase Campbell, CFP®

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Look beyond financial planning. Ask about a life plan.

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