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Conveniently located just east of the Capital City Freeway between Arden Way and Exposition Boulevard, HoyleCohen is not your typical Sacramento wealth management firm. We combine expert impartial advice with a wide range of planning and investment options to help you make smart financial and life decisions.

We take the time to get to know you and understand your personal wealth philosophy. Then we design and implement custom strategies that help achieve your goals and enable you to live the life you’ve always wanted. To make sure your plans are implemented and no ‘loose ends’ are left untied, we have the Wealth & Beyond Program®. This program – developed and pioneered by HoyleCohen Sacramento – is designed to give thoughtful care to the things required to help guide the implementation of your plan. As a result, you should never feel alone when making life-changing financial decisions because we’re always available to help and we’re always on your side.

Our story, told in our own words:

We are thrilled to be re-opening our offices to staff as well as clients who wish to attend in-person meetings.

HoyleCohen Sacramento, CA

1425 River Park Drive, Suite 110
Sacramento , CA 95815

(916) 588-2960

Hours Of Operation:
Mon-Thu: 7am – 4pm
Friday: 7am – 3pm
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Working Together To Plan Your Future
HoyleCohen is the Sacramento financial advisor for individuals and families seeking a personalized brand of wealth management. Our experienced team has been serving clients in the Sacramento area since the 1970s. In 2014, the Sacramento team joined forces with HoyleCohen to add even more value and long-term continuity to existing clients, and to create a platform for another generation of clients and professional staff. Our Sacramento office primarily serves the northern half of California, the central valley and all surrounding areas. We also have clients in other states.
How We Help
We believe that financial planning and wealth management should take place in the context of a bigger picture – your life. Our relationship with you starts by learning about who you are, what wealth means to you, where you want to go in life and why. Then we create investment strategies that will help you get there. As your life-long Sacramento wealth management advocate, we always act in your best interests. Whereas many Sacramento financial planners and investment advisors may rely on a set of “cookie-cutter” approaches, we offer a wide range of planning and investment options.


Everyone talks about trust, we prefer to listen.


Where Wealth Meets Experience
No matter how well you plan, life can suddenly change when the unexpected happens. By getting to know your life goals, we help you anticipate potential future opportunities and risks, and create a financial plan with the flexibility to change when your life does. Combining your wealth with our experience results in more choices and more flexibility for your peace of mind.

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Meet the Team
Our local Sacramento wealth management team has decades of relevant industry experience with additional specialized expertise available to them elsewhere within HoyleCohen. Collectively, this represents over 500 years of combined experience, with the majority of our staff having professional credentials specific to the financial advisor industry or their areas of expertise.


HoyleCohen Giving Back

We believe that giving back to Sacramento and the other communities we serve makes us better people and leaders. We did this for decades in Sacramento prior to becoming part of HoyleCohen, and are pleased to continue our passion for giving and serving others in need as part of HoyleCohen Gives Back.

Our local and combined efforts over the years include:

In Monetary Gifts

Meals Served

Volunteer Hours
Find out more about the organizations we are passionate about!


Helping Our Clients Make a Difference
HoyleCohen is very fortunate to have a client base of thoughtful, compassionate people and community leaders who share our commitment to service and civic impact. We help our clients shape their philanthropic visions and understand their charitable capacity through impactful discussions and in-depth personalized planning. We also help many clients execute their charitable wishes.

Since our inception, we have helped clients define charitable intent that collectively will measure in the hundreds of millions of dollars when fully executed. We have also assisted directly with over $37 million in charitable donations to organizations across the globe.


Awards + Recognition

We aspire to be the best Sacramento wealth management firm we can be. We consider a satisfied client to be the most important recognition we can earn. However, it’s nice to receive industry recognition for our excellence as a Sacramento financial advisory firm.

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Strength Through Relationships
At HoyleCohen Sacramento, building long-term client relationships serves as the foundation for everything we do. It also involves more than just conversations about investments and numbers. We build warm, welcoming and engaging relationships by getting to know each other through individual face to face meetings, hosted educational and social events, web-based seminars and connecting with each other through our website, blog, and social media accounts.

Many of our clients have been with us for 25+ years – including some who stayed with us after moving to a different part of the country. It also helps that we have longevity and continuity in our staff. The two founding members of our Sacramento office have been working and serving clients together for over 30 years.

In the end, what sets HoyleCohen Sacramento apart is the enduring nature of our client relationships. When you know someone for 20, 30, even 40 years; when you learn what really makes them happy and what causes them to lose sleep; when you walk with them through some of life’s most difficult transitions…that’s when you’ve created a relationship whose value can’t be measured.

HoyleCohen in Sacramento
HoyleCohen was founded in San Diego in 2001 when Kevin Hoyle and Joe Cohen – both felt the need to make some changes to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the industry. A few months later, they merged their respective firms, and HoyleCohen was born. HoyleCohen Sacramento has a similar history of experienced financial advisors coming together to provide better service to their clients.

Chuck Ebersole began serving clients in the Sacramento area in the 1970s. Kathy Bazzocco joined him the early 1980s. Together they built a thriving Sacramento financial advisory practice. Chuck and Joe Cohen met each other in the 1990s. Each had prior experience in insurance but didn’t like the industry’s focus on selling products. Instead, they sought a service model that focused on clients’ needs. They became peers and friends in a group of like-minded financial advisors who were passionate about learning how to create deep, lasting relationships with clients based on trust and advocacy of their needs.

Years later, this common philosophy served as the basis for a discussion about a potential merger. In September of 2014, Chuck and Kathy joined HoyleCohen, thereby establishing our presence in Sacramento.


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