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Our passion is serving the diverse needs of Biotech executives with substantial concentrated wealth by tailoring investment, tax, and estate plans that are as unique as they are. Our team’s highly personalized Family CFO approach to piecing together the puzzle that is your financial world puts what matters most to you first and foremost.

Our clients appreciate the rigor of our analysis, the thoughtfulness of our approach, and the high degree of personalization we put into every client relationship. Our specific intent, to create a highly personalized experience, drives almost everything we do.

We start by putting you at the center of every conversation…

Stock Gains & Tax Wins.

Learn about a simple way to offset capital gains on employer stock, take a few minutes to watch this featured video from the BioTech Wealth Services Lab:


Ty Summerlin, CFP®

Senior Wealth Advisor

Stock Awards

A custom analysis of how your stock options/restricted stock might play out if your company is acquired, goes public or gets a new 409A valuation.

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Tax & Estate

We work closely with your CPA and estate attorney to help you weigh tradeoffs around various income and estate tax reduction strategies.

Learn More About the Family Trust Matrix:

Vernon Eberly, CFP®

Wealth Advisor


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid Before a Liquidity Event

Find out what steps can you take to minimize taxes, maximize your net payout and protect your family before and after a major liquidity event.


Biotech in Focus: Our Story
Why Biotech? That’s probably what you’re thinking.

It largely has to do with how I (Ty) was trained. Back in the day, I worked at a Focus Financial Partner firm in New York City that charged clients a flat annual fee to be their personal or family CFO. Most of our clients worked in finance – hedge fund managers, private equity partners, investment bankers – with a large portion of their compensation tied to equity.

They hired us to be thought partners, collaborative problem solvers and a voice of objectivity in what was becoming an increasingly complex financial life. They didn’t hire us to sell them things.

We helped integrate and oversee all the moving parts: taxes, stock options, blackout periods, executive compensation, risk management, investments, college funding, trust & estate planning, etc. Sometimes, the list never seemed to end. But we were always there for them. Through thick and thin (and a few over-the-top personalities), we tailored our advice and counsel based on what was uniquely important to them and their families.

After moving from NY to Japan and then to San Diego (my wife was a surgeon at Camp Pendleton), I found a similar thread in the world of Biotech. Significant equity-based comp, ISOs/NQSOs/RSUs, complicated pre-IPO/M&A agreements, 10b5-1 guidance, intricate tax & estate planning, and, of course, what to do with all that dough from a major liquidity event. All wrapped up in another even higher tax state. Ah, the planning opportunities abound!

But in the world of biotech, the stakes are incredibly high. You’re on a mission to cure cancer, fight the next pandemic, wipe out rare disease, and, ultimately, improve the human condition. That’s heavy stuff.

We don’t take it lightly. We know the sacrifices you’ve made to get where you are. The late nights, in the lab, or in the board room. The FDA trials. The missed family events. More FDA trials. And who can leave out the bankers. Oh, the bankers. That might be the most difficult part of it all! What’s easier to understand: mRNA capping technology or buyout agreements? Thought so.

You do all that for us. That’s pretty cool.

In a nutshell: You fight for us. We fight for you. Many, many thanks.

Ty Summerlin & Vernon Eberly


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid BEFORE a Liquidity Event

For Biotech Executives and Life Science Entrepreneurs

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