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Empowering women – wealth advisory for women by women.
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Educational Videos

Averaging into equities –

If thinking about “re-balancing” into more (risky) equities – it’s a good idea to do it slowly…

Advantages of Tax-Loss Swapping during market volatility 

Tax loss swapping can help take advantage of volatile markets. It is important to consult with an advisor or tax professional here!

Patience + Perspective Global Investing

The value of being patient and maintaining a long-term perspective when investing.

Preparing for Volatility 

Key is to have a safety net that can be used over the long haul if necessary, while continuing to revisit your portfolio to keep your asset allocation in balance.

Tax Savings on Big GAINS on “Employer Stock”

DAF tips that can help take the “bite” out of the tax due for the sale of company stock.

Insurance – Umbrella Coverage

Accurate levels of Umbrella Coverage can often be a blind-spot for people who have increased net worth over time.

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD)

A QCD can be a smart option for charitable contributions.

CA Tax Penalty NQ 529 Distribution

Tax consequences can be different for 529 distributions at the state and federal levels. 

NING – Liquidity Event – Top 5 Mistakes
Great way to save on possible tax liabilities during a liquidation or capital sale event!
Concentrated Stock Allocation

To sell or not to sell? Decision making frameworks for selling (or not!) concentrated stock.

Defective Trust Ramifications
Often there are tax advantages and disadvantages to setting up different types of trusts.

One of the Top 5 Mistakes People Make in solid financial planning – Lack Of Discipline

Support Payments & Taxes

Changes in tax laws affecting support payments (i.e. spousal, child, etc.) and how they in turn affect an overall financial plan.

Is keeping a home a good or bad financial decision in divorce?

Financial implications of keeping a home in the event of divorce.

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