A Personalized Approach

Every great plan starts with a vision. What’s yours?

Some investment management firms start with the solution. At HoyleCohen, we start with you. Our holistic approach to planning and investment management enables us to understand your goals, your motivations, even your personality so we can build and manage an investment portfolio that is tailored to you. This includes an in-depth understanding of considerations such as:

  • How do you make important financial decisions?
  • How do you value risk versus the volatility of stretching for extra return?
  • What type of risks are you more or less willing to accept?
  • What markers of success are you comfortable with?
  • How comfortable and willing are you to make changes if the unexpected happens?

Why do we invest so much time understanding these things about you? Because we have a lot of ways to help you.

Your Vision. Today’s Solutions. Tomorrow’s Results.

At HoyleCohen, we’ve created a robust platform that offers a rich, diverse set of investment options. Why? Because the investment universe is evolving rapidly, and many great ideas and strategies have been created in the past decade. Wouldn’t you like to access some if they were well-suited to you? We think so, and we’ve done something about it.

Like many in our industry, we rely on common, time-tested investment strategies. However, we also have a team of dedicated HoyleCohen experts who seek out and perform extensive diligence on newer investment strategies that we believe could enhance client portfolios. If we still like a strategy after hundreds of hours of diligence and months of vetting, we add it to our platform. The result is an investment capability designed to leverage the best of both traditional and newer strategies.



We call this approach CorePlus – a unique and highly personalized combination of traditional (Core) and special (Plus) investment management strategies.

CorePlus can add to a portfolio in a number of ways:

Core + Income

You may need income but not have the tolerance for the volatility of dividend-paying equities. Or, perhaps low interest rates have depressed yields on traditional investment grade bonds. We have Plus strategies designed to add income to portfolios of suitable clients. Private lending, income-producing real estate, and energy-related investments offer three examples.

Core + Stability or Protection

We also have Plus strategies – such as structured notes and protected equity strategies – designed to mitigate volatility or address the downside while still offering the potential for upside return.

Core + Growth

Some Plus strategies are designed to generate potential returns similar to the historical return of traditional equities. Private real estate funds are one example.

Core + Tax Efficiency

Other Plus strategies, such as specialized municipal bond programs, are designed to provide tax-efficient returns.

The result is a tailored outcome we believe is best-suited to each client from a risk/return perspective.


Don’t Forget About Core

We may underscore “Plus” but make no mistake, we have experts who are very skilled at managing the Core components of our clients’ portfolios as well. In fact, every day we manage well over $1 billion of core investment assets for our clients. This includes many who continue to have 100% of their investment assets in our core portfolio strategies.


It’s All About You

CorePlus is like the full menu at your favorite restaurant. There may be a lot of great dishes, including many classics (Core) and some innovative preparations (Plus). But no one orders or eats everything on the menu. What matters most are your tastes and your appetite. Similarly, we help build your investment plan to meet your goals in a way that is best suited to you.

As a fiduciary, we always act in your best interest. From an investment perspective, this means never recommending strategies you don’t need and always leveraging our CorePlus platform to work for you. We believe this will offer the best chance to achieve your objectives at an acceptable level of risk, no matter the circumstances.

This means our trusted advisors do not earn commissions on the investment products they recommend, and there are no hidden fees in any of our investment management services.

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Women & Wealth

Over the years, many women have told us they prefer to be served by other women who can relate to them and are passionate about helping them create, grow and protect their wealth throughout life’s many chapters. To address this need, HoyleCohen created Women & Wealth, a unique wealth management practice offering specialized planning and investment expertise and resources for women and their families.

Created by and for women, our Women & Wealth team of professionals first listens to understand your needs. Then we provide the expertise and advocacy you need to make thoughtful financial decisions and progress towards the life of your dreams.


The HoyleCohen Difference

Why don’t more investment management firms offer an approach like ours? While we can’t speak for them, we can tell you that it’s hard work that requires dedicated personnel and specialized expertise. We have a team of investment management professionals with the most relevant and respected credentials in our industry – including the CFA and CAIA certifications. These individuals spend countless hours devoted to research and due diligence.

Our research includes traveling onsite to the sub-advisors and managers we assess and may eventually recommend. Once on the platform, our team performs ongoing diligence and continuous monitoring of the managers and their strategies. Why? Because we know the limitations of traditional investment approaches and want to offer our clients additional ways to achieve their goals.

Many choices, custom solutions tailored to your needs… and always with your best interests in mind – that’s the HoyleCohen investment management difference!

To learn more about these programs and our CorePlus investment approach, contact HoyleCohen.

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