Strength Through Relationships
Here’s something you won’t hear from most financial management firms – you may not be right for us. We also understand that we may not be right for you.

This perspective has been shaped by the genuine belief that we’re not just advising clients; we’re entering into long-term relationships with them. When relationships matter this much, fit is very important.

Wealth Management.

We help you find clarity in complexity.

Your Vision. Your Future.
Wealth management at HoyleCohen isn’t a series of transactions or glossy reports in a binder. It’s a relationship designed to uncover and support your life goals. It’s about providing clarity and reducing worry, stress and undue risk. It’s not about us or what we do; it’s about you and leveraging what we do so your vision, your future takes center stage. Above all, it’s about trust and a mutual understanding that plays out over decades and can transcend generations.

This is why we’re looking for a special kind of client who understands who we are, appreciates what we do and is excited to embrace a relationship designed to take full advantage of our proven wealth management process.

Does this sound like a fit?

The Ideal HoyleCohen Client Fit
Because we focus on long-term goals and our approach to planning and investments is highly customized, we work best with high net worth individuals and families who:
Understand the value of relationships.
You are seeking a long-term partner and trusted advisor; someone who will put you first while advocating for you and your loved ones throughout your lifetimes. You want someone who listens, who invests the time to get to know you. Someone who is knowledgeable but doesn’t profess to know it all, and instead brings the full power and capabilities of the firm to the relationship.
Focus on their lives but take their financial well-being seriously.
You view building wealth as a means to an end, not simply the end itself. You want your wealth to sustain you comfortably and happily through your retirement years, providing for your loved ones and perhaps leaving a meaningful legacy for generations to come.
Prefer smart investing.
You want an approach designed to meet your needs, not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all model. Whether your goals will be supported by stable sources of income or smart growth strategies, you are open to collaborating with us to evaluate opportunities well-suited to you.
Are comfortable asking questions.
Some professionals don’t like it when they are questioned. Not us. We love clients who are engaged and ask questions! Our work and our clients are our passion, and we could talk about this stuff all day. Asking questions creates a mutual understanding that makes you more vested in the relationship and the outcome.
Won’t settle for less.
The wealth management industry relies heavily on conventional wisdom, which can breed overgeneralization and complacency. Not here. You deserve more, and this pushes us to be our best. Hard work, fresh thinking and a team approach allow us to help prepare you for the decisions that matter most.
Want an advocate.
Many advisors and advisory firms still accept commissions or remuneration on investments from someone other than you. We do not. We are your advocates – fiduciaries who always act in your best interests while delivering advice with the utmost integrity and transparency.
Relationships ARE Our Difference
Relationships with our clients are at the core of everything we do at Hoyle Cohen. We can advise you in a meaningful way only by gaining a deep understanding of who you are, what’s important to you and where you want to go. It is our relationship with you – not any investment on our platform or planning strategy in our toolbox – that allows us to truly help you transform your dreams into goals and ultimately into achievements.


Does this sound like a fit?
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