HoyleCohen Santa Monica
Conveniently located just east of downtown Santa Monica, between I-10 and Santa Monica Boulevard, HoyleCohen is the Los Angeles wealth management firm that helps you make smart financial planning and investment decisions.

Using a deeply personal and individual approach, we:

  • Get to know you and your personal wealth management philosophy
  • Design and implement strategies that support achieving your financial goals
  • Help you plan and live the life you’ve always wanted

Our story, told in our own words:

We are thrilled to be re-opening our offices to staff as well as clients who wish to attend in-person meetings.

HoyleCohen Los Angeles /
Santa Monica, CA

2120 Colorado Ave, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 586-1828

Hours Of Operation:
Mon-Thu: 7am – 4pm
Friday: 7am – 3pm
Please call for appointment.


With You Every Step of the Way
With a local history dating back to 1981, HoyleCohen Santa Monica is the Los Angeles financial advisor for individuals and families seeking a personalized brand of wealth management. Our Santa Monica office primarily serves the greater Los Angeles area, from Orange County to Santa Barbara to the north and the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley to the east. We also serve clients in the Bay Area and in other states.
How We Help
We believe that wealth management should be part of a bigger picture – your life. So our client relationship starts by learning about who you are, what wealth means to you, where you want to go in life and why. Once we understand your life goals, we recommend investment strategies designed to help you achieve them without taking undue risk. Whereas many Los Angeles financial planners or Los Angeles investment advisors may rely on a set of traditional approaches, we offer a wide range of planning and investment options.


Everyone talks about trust, we prefer to listen.


Goals Met. Dreams Realized.
Our mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve through diligent care of their wealth and financial well-being. We do this by building long-term trusted relationships with our clients. This includes designing and implementing solutions for protecting and growing your wealth so you can enjoy your lives with more rewards and less worry. We focus on what really matters in your life and determine the best way to make it happen.
Where Wealth Meets Experience
No matter how well you plan, life can change and the unexpected happens. We help you anticipate potential opportunities and risks that may lie ahead, so your financial plan has the flexibility to change when your life does.

Your Wealth + Our Experience = More Choice + Greater Flexibility for more peace of mind.


Meet the Team
Our Los Angeles wealth management team combines decades of local relevant experience with additional specialized expertise available to them at HoyleCohen. Many hold professional credentials specific to the financial advisory industry or their areas of expertise. Most of our Santa Monica team has worked together since the 1990s. The common knowledge we share in working with clients over many years enables us to be there for them during life transitions and helps us do a better job of planning for their financial health and future.


HoyleCohen Giving Back

We believe that giving back to Los Angeles and the communities we serve makes us better people and leaders. We have done this for decades in the local community prior to becoming HoyleCohen, and are pleased to continue our passion for giving and serving others in need as part of HoyleCohen Gives Back.

Our local and combined efforts over the years include:

In Monetary Gifts

Meals Served

Volunteer Hours
Find out more about the organizations we are passionate about!


Helping Our Clients Make a Difference
HoyleCohen is very fortunate to have a client base of thoughtful, compassionate people and community leaders who share our commitment to service and civic impact. We help our clients shape their philanthropic visions and understand their charitable capacity through impactful discussions and in-depth personalized planning. We also help many clients execute their charitable wishes.

Since our inception, we have helped clients define charitable intent that collectively will measure in the hundreds of millions of dollars when fully executed. We have also assisted directly with over $37 million in charitable donations to organizations across the globe.


Awards + Recognition

HoyleCohen continues to be recognized for our excellence as a Los Angeles wealth management firm and as a valued contributor to our community. While a satisfied client is the most important recognition we can ever earn, it’s nice to know the industry also recognizes us in various ways.

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Where Lifelong Dreams Meet Execution
These days, many Los Angeles financial advisors talk about building lasting relationships. At HoyleCohen Santa Monica, we’ve been doing it locally for more than three decades. What makes our relationships different? Longevity is the key – for our clients and our staff.

We build enduring relationships by listening to our clients and understanding where they want to go in life. We get to know them at an intimate level, and we believe they stay with us because they know we care about them as people first and wealth management clients second. Some of our clients have been with us for 30+ years. Over the years, we have become part of their lives and they have become part of ours. As we walk with them through different life stages, they understand that we will always be there for them and that they aren’t alone. When you work with clients for that long it becomes easy to go the extra mile and treat them like family.

HoyleCohen in Santa Monica
HoyleCohen was founded in San Diego in 2001 when Kevin Hoyle and Joe Cohen – who were running their own advisory businesses – both felt the need to make some changes to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the industry. A few months later, they merged their respective firms, and HoyleCohen was born. HoyleCohen Santa Monica has a similar history of like-minded financial advisors coming together to provide better service to their clients.

Libbie Agran began advising clients in the Los Angeles area in the early 1980s. Rita Robbins was Libbie’s first full-time employee. By 1999, Margaret Shin, Kathy Siriwan and Peter Mueller had joined the team. In 2006, Peter Mueller took over for Libbie and also began running the firm. As the firm grew, so did the demands for running it. Peter and seven other team members merged with HoyleCohen in June 2017 in order to spend less time on the administrative details of the business and more time doing what they love – serving and adding value to clients. This established HoyleCohen’s presence in Santa Monica.


Market & Economic Update – July 2021

Despite the Delta variant and economic uncertainty, we remain positive about the economy and the markets. Our goal from an investment perspective remains to hold high quality and defensible businesses that are able to grow cash flow and earnings over multi-year periods. 


Smarter decisions.

Greater possibilities.

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