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The ongoing financial disparity between men and women has been well-documented over the years. While there are ongoing efforts to reduce the financial gender gap, we’re not there yet; to make matters worse, new research suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has set women back even further in the push for financial equality. 

Closing the gender financial gap is critical, and it’s one of the reasons behind HoyleCohen’s Women & Wealth initiative. Unfortunately, the pandemic hasn’t just affected women’s income, it has also contributed to a downturn in the number of women accessing financial services during the pandemic. This article from InvestmentNews explains why COVID-19 has affected women more harshly than men — especially when it comes to their finances.


This article was written by InvestmentNews, an entity unrelated to HoyleCohen, LLC. The information herein is educational purposes and has been selected by HoyleCohen due to the timeliness of the subject matter. 

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