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October 2023

Making decisions on Medicare can be a daunting process. Medicare and other healthcare costs can play a significant part in a solid retirement plan and it is easy to miss important filing and other deadlines that can have costly consequences. In case you missed our recent discussion focused on the many moving parts of Medicare headed by Diane Sampson of Sampson Insurance Services, the full recording can be found by clicking the play button below.

Many things were covered including:

  • Eligibility criteria (including whether you need Medicare if you are still working).
  • Timelines associated with enrolling to avoid financial penalties. And how to enroll.
  • Differences between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • How to plan for different Medicare scenarios.
  • Website addresses, phone numbers, and other ways to find information from Social Security, Medicare, etc.






Thanks to Diane for hosting this event. If you have specific questions Diane prides herself on offering personalized service and giving her full attention to every client and would be happy to help you. Her contact information below:

Diane Sampson
Sampson Insurance Services
License #18826134
CA License #OM412

Email her or call her at: 760.445.3114



Disclosure:  HoyleCohen acts as a fiduciary on behalf of our clients. We are a fee-based investment advisor and do not receive commissions for any investment strategies of products that we recommend. Today’s discussion/webinar was intended for informational purposes only. This presentation should not serve as the sole basis for any investment decisions, and nothing shared today should be interpreted as investment advice. Any investment decisions should be discussed in advance with your Advisor. All investments carry the risk of loss, including the permanent loss of principal. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.



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