Moving Gracefully Into Retirement


Tuesday, September 29th  •  12:00 pm PT

When it comes to retirement readiness, being emotionally and mentally prepared for the next chapter is just as important as being financially prepared.

Our careers often play a significant role in how we define ourselves, and it’s not uncommon for retirees to feel a sense of aimlessness or a lack of purpose after they leave their career for good.

On Tuesday September 29th at 12:00 PM PT, HoyleCohen’s Elisabeth Cullington will be joined by Pegah Kadkhodaian, founder of PKNY Health and PK Coaching for an illuminating discussion on finding your purpose in retirement. Elisabeth and Pegah will cover:

  • Why your career becomes part of your identity — and how to redefine your identity once you retire
  • Ways to cultivate creativity and find outlets for your creative energy in retirement
  • Defining what matters most to you, and understanding how it will shape the quality of your retirement
  • How to develop strategies to ensure you get as much satisfaction (if not more) from retirement as you did from your career

Elisabeth Cullington, CFP®
Elisabeth Cullington is a Partner, Senior Wealth Advisor, and co-founder of the Women’s Practice at HoyleCohen. Elisabeth has been providing complex financial advice to professionals and business owners for more than three decades. Elisabeth specializes in helping women through transitions, whether it be due to widowhood, divorce, career advancement, or retirement. She is passionate about helping clients define their goals and make confident financial decisions to plan well and live fully.

Pegah Kadkhodaian
Pegah Kadkhodaian is a business owner, Executive Coach and “Radical Resilience Expert”. She has empowered numerous ambitious, driven and compassionate people to learn how to step into who they truly are and live wholehearted lives.

Pegah is committed to helping clients and students through cultivating clarity of vision, identifying and setting boundaries, and developing and nurturing their bigger purposes.

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