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The COVID-19 pandemic had a lot of ripple effects, but one of the biggest is the number of people who chose to retire early. Some early retirees were forced out because of job losses or health issues, while others simply decided to call it a career earlier than they’d originally planned.

Early retirement is an appealing idea, but for many retirement savers, it might not be the right one.  Some advisors are worried that a surging market and reduced spending during the pandemic have people convinced that they have enough to retire comfortably—even if that’s not the case. If you’re considering early retirement, this article from Barron’s highlights the key considerations you should keep in mind before you make your decision.


This article was written by Barron’s, an entity unrelated to HoyleCohen, LLC. The information herein is intended for educational purposes and has been selected by HoyleCohen due to the timeliness of the subject matter.


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