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With stock markets on edge, a new tax regime in town, and estate laws in flux, what steps can you take to protect your family and make the most of your windfall?

In this forward-thinking presentation, we discuss practical ways to:

Avoid Costly Portfolio Mistakes with US Stock Markets on Edge
Most investor mistakes happen at market extremes – with the return of sharp market swings, reduced corporate tax rates, interest rates potentially on the rise, and world tensions mounting – are you positioned to handle this successfully, not just financially, but mentally and emotionally? Is there a way to look at your portfolio (even the one you already have) that can minimize these mistakes, avoiding large losses?

Take Advantage of Changes in Your Personal Tax Rate
Inadequate and disorganized tax planning can lead to missed opportunities, overpaid tax & penalties, especially with the new tax laws. Are there ‘income & deduction shifting’ scenarios that could allow you to lower your Federal & CA state tax after (and in the years leading up to) a liquidity event? Or ‘tax sweet spot’ years that you haven’t started planning for but should?

Cut Your Tax Bill by 37.1% on Highly Appreciated Company Stock
This blindspot tops our list of missed tax breaks when selling company stock, founders’ shares or stock held in a brokerage account with large unrealized gains. It’s simple to set up, takes less than five minutes to explain, and can help offset your W-2 income by another 54.1% for high taxpayers in California. Another plus: No attorney fees. Is this strategy appropriate for you and your situation? What are the pros & cons?

Guard Against a Sudden Loss in Wealth with a Low-Cost Asset Protection Strategy
One in five families with assets of $5M and up don’t have this in place. Yet, it can take little more than a phone call to set up. What is this common risk mitigation tool and how can it protect your new wealth from a lawsuit?

Make Sure Your Loved Ones aren’t Burdened with an Estate Plan that’s too Complex
Recent legislation may reduce the need for certain types of trusts, once popular in many estate plans, especially for CA residents. If your plan includes one (or more) of these trusts, could it do more harm than good? What are the tradeoffs?

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Hoyle Cohen, Wealth Management

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Jeffrey Burr Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys


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