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HoyleCohen is pleased to be named

Corporate Partner of the Month


The Old Globe!

HoyleCohen is excited to be recognized for our partnership with the beloved Old Globe Theater, an institution of the arts community in San Diego. Now more than ever, fine arts and music programs are essential to our communities. They help to not only entertain us, but to connect us even from our own living rooms! To ensure the continuity of theater during this unwanted intermission, The Old Globe needs the support of its patrons. If you are able, please click here to help The Old Globe keep the curtains up!

Since The Old Globe’s stages have gone dark, they have worked hard to develop online theater programming. These offerings have grown since March and include some excellent content including:

  • Songs and scenes from the Globe Productions You Loved – Flashback Videos of songs & scenes from past productions.
  • Act Breaks – an opportunity to check in with actors, writers, directors and artisans to see what they are up to during this great intermission
  • My personal favorite –Thinking Shakespeare Live – a 90-minute exploration of the language of Shakespeare led by the Globe’s Artistic Director, Barry Edelstein. Edelstein does a fabulous job of performing and educating us on the Shakespearean language in a way that is entertaining and enlightening.
  • Newly added: In-Zoom – a world premier 10-minute online play offered via YouTube.

You can check out their recent mailing and other happenings by clicking here.

HoyleCohen is honored to sponsor and support The Old Globe, one of the country’s oldest and most revered theaters. Please click here to donate.

“Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place” 

Martha Graham



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