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Selling your business is a momentous occasion for any business owner or entrepreneur. It’s the culmination of the time and effort you’ve put into building a viable and profitable business, and once the sale is completed, you can sit back and relax…right? Unfortunately, as many business owners have found, it’s not quite so simple. 

A liquidity event like the sale of your business can lead to a variety of wealth management considerations that you need to navigate. This Kiplinger article highlights the next steps you should be prepared for once you’ve completed the sale of your business. 

We recognize that each individual has their own unique considerations when it comes to selling a business, and HoyleCohen can help you navigate these important milestones in your career and your life. If you’d like to learn more about the ins and outs of effectively navigating a business sale, please contact us.


This article was written by Kiplinger, an entity unrelated to HoyleCohen, LLC. The information herein is intended for educational purposes and has been selected by HoyleCohen due to the timeliness of the subject matter. 

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