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As you may know, HoyleCohen has recently undergone a considerable brand overhaul. Our new brand and website are the culmination of over 18 months of work internally and externally with our clients and a professional marketing firm. This process included many iterations of brainstorming, writing, research and soul searching intended to help us define who we are, what is most important to us (and our clients) and how best to communicate this to those we serve. As we have grown, it was important for us to move forward with better streamlined communication, website interactivity, and a foundation from which to grow further. Progress marches on!

Ultimately, our goal remains to always support our clients in their life and financial goals. As such, one of the main themes that resulted from our rebranding process was that of Plan well. Live fully. This phrase is applicable to so many different areas of our lives today, whether it be eating well and exercising to feel our best or engaging in thoughtful financial planning in order to buy a home, fund education, retire comfortably or leave a lasting legacy – the list goes on. Even setting aside time to reflect and be grateful can be part of an intentional plan.

Today, we seem to have more opportunities to plan well and live fully than ever before. Many people have more disposable income, more choices, more information and more options surrounding health, spirituality and simple human connection. In the coming months we will be focusing on different facets of life in which we can all benefit from planning well and living fully. This will include spotlighting how we help our clients do just that. We welcome your feedback and ideas in this area as we all progress towards fulfilling our life and financial dreams.

We’d like to hear from you and celebrate your life! If you are interested in sharing pictures, stories, or other facets of your life please reach out to me or anyone on your HoyleCohen team. 


Look beyond financial planning. Ask about a life plan.

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