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“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” 

– Henry David Thoreau


We hope you are enjoying Summer and finding many experiences to cherish and appreciate wherever you are.  We’re grateful to be connected to you, and as we make our way through the 2nd half of 2019, wanted to highlight a few ways that we embody the concepts of Living Fully.  For us, these include enjoying the beautiful sceneries and communities in which we live, finding an abundance of things to savor, each offering their own unique blend of leisure, activity, giving back, and reflecting. When we combine these features with extended daylight hours, we have great ingredients for capturing a variety of special moments.  While Planning Well increases the odds of many moments and experiences coming to fruition, so too does living spontaneously in the here and now, while allowing life to take you where it will.

In our August 2019 newsletter we offer some examples of planning well & living fully, including what we hope will be a regular a client-featured article section. Before you set your sights on the fall and begin to usher in the annual season of change, we invite you to take time to pause and reflect on why you Plan Well and how you Live Fully as a result.  Please let us know! We would love to share in your story!

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