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October 28, 2019 San Diego CA 
HoyleCohen HR team poises company for growth and HR excellence through implementation of Zenefits platform.

Congratulations to our HR team for their diligent work in implementing ZenefitsThe People Platform over the past year. In an effort to unite our existing offices (San Diego, Sacramento, and Santa Monica) and with an eye towards future M&A, HR heads, Bruce Berti and Lorin Bello, sought to simplify HR tasks among our offices while streamlining the on-boarding process for new employees.

Zenefits has enabled the firm to automate employee on-boarding, benefits (including Open Enrollment changes), PTO, and other HR functions. Attracting and retaining top talent in our industry is as important to us as growing our client base. Employees want ease of use, clarity, and a professional HR department that has simple processes and is responsive and solution oriented. Implementing the Zenefits platform has enabled our HR department to offer all these benefits elevating HoyleCohen to a professional firm poised for growth.

We are honored to be named with winners of the 2019 Zennie Awards which recognizes our success story and commitment to HR excellence. Please check out the HoyleCohen case study and award recognition on Zenefits by clicking on the links below.



About HoyleCohen LLC:
HoyleCohen is a San Diego-based wealth management firm that offers financial planning and investment services. Founded in 2001 with two decades of prior history, HoyleCohen helps its clients make financial decisions by employing a holistic planning process which starts with understanding their life goals. HoyleCohen helps its clients by building trusted long‐term relationships, designing and implementing wealth solutions, and providing objective advice without conflicts or hidden agendas.

Disclosures: HoyleCohen did not pay a fee to apply for this award. However, the firm does purchase goods or services from the publisher of the award, such as a subscription for their services.

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