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Dont like to cook? No time to cook? Still want to eat healthy? Check out these awesome alternatives:

A big part of what we are all about here at HoyleCohen is listening to our clients and understanding their needs. Something that we have heard from several clients and employees alike is the need for good solutions for healthy eating for those who don’t cook, whether it’s due to time or ability or just plain lack of interest.

As we all know, excellent health is a key ingredient for feeling good and living fully. Fueling our bodies with healthy food is a significant step towards good health. However, eating healthy, especially when cooking regularly is not your thing or when you are constantly on the go, can be difficult. It is much easier to drive through a fast food restaurant or send for delivery when you’re tired and busy. One of the big downsides to constantly eating fast food and even restaurant food is that it is often loaded with salt, high fat oils and additives and preservatives.

Even if you don’t cook, eating well still takes time, commitment to a plan and the availability of healthy options. While shopping and cooking at home is often the healthiest and most cost-effective option (especially for families), there are a wealth of alternatives available for the consumer who doesn’t cook. From companies that deliver ingredients for you to assemble and cook yourself to healthy meal delivery services (that include organic, vegan, paleo, keto, and other options) and tons of others in between, the options are numerous.

Meal composition and what one considers a “meal” is an interesting subject to consider in light of planning and eating healthy. In America, most people eat 3 meals a day and often all of them contain meat. However, some of the healthiest, quickest and tastiest alternatives to traditional cooking incorporate other forms of protein: for example, nuts and nut butters, beans, eggs, protein powders, and seeds which can be used in smoothies and soups. Smoothies can incorporate loads of tasty, nutritious ingredients (think avocado, kale, lemon juice, fruit, nut butters and yogurt) many of which you can buy frozen and just pop into a blender.

Other ideas for cooking alternatives include ordering pre-made meals from services that offer weekly pick up or delivery, or ordering ingredients to be assembled and cooked which can eliminate the planning and shopping for food. Of course, if money is no object, a personal chef is a fabulous way to eat well without shopping, planning or cooking.

Here are some of the most noteworthy ideas available near our office locations:

  1. Healthy food preparation and delivery services

These companies provide an amazing array of healthy pre-made meals that are usually ordered a week in advance for either pick up or delivery. They include tons of dietary options (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, etc.) and combinations.

Click here for some cool ideas in San Diego. Michaela’s Meals and Farm Fresh Meals were particular standouts.

For our friends in Sacramento, click here for a recent Yelp listing. City Kitchen Sacramento and Spicy Girl Meal Prep both have interesting options and were well reviewed.

Santa Monica and the surrounding areas offer a large variety of great options. Of interest were eatwell and  Empire Meals.

  1. Meal Kit Delivery Services –

These companies have become prevalent over the past several years with Blue Apron leading the way in 2012. They provide meal kits and recipes to assemble and cook at home. They each offer different subscription levels, delivery lead times, and ingredient/dietary selections. There are many players in this market these days so it is helpful to look at reviews etc. when trying to decide which is best for your needs.

Cassidy Olsen of Reviewed took twelve meal kits for a test run in a three-month period. She evaluated each on quality of ingredients, recipe accuracy and variety, difficulty, speed, packaging, clean up, taste and more.  You can find her favorites if you click here.

Ultimately, there are many many options for cooking alternatives available today. Even those who enjoy preparing meals often struggle with new ideas and time to cook. Some of the selections above, in addition to being easy, give you the opportunity to expand your palate and your diet in interesting ways. As with anything, creating good eating habits takes practice and patience, so be kind to yourself.

Bon Appétit!

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