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From our house to yours ~ a hello from your friends at HoyleCohen


Happy Summer!! 

As spring has moved into summer many of the members of our HoyleCohen family have been balancing working from home with children or even grand-children underfoot! Several of our San Diego staff have even had new additions to their families over the past few months. As such, here is a shout out from our homes to yours, and a glimpse into what we are all doing to keep our kids healthy and entertained during this covid summer!

Taking lots of walks

Dancing, Yoga, Zumba, and a myriad of YouTube fun

Swimming & Hot-Tubbing

Rides in the golf cart

Building trains

Lots of reading

Camping in Yosemite and other surrounding areas

Blueberry picking at The Temecula Berry Co.

Riding Bikes around the neighborhood

Playing board games & video games together

Watching Thinking Shakespeare Live and other entertainment from The Old Globe Theater

Taking family drives – keeping in mind bathrooms are hard to find but ice cream isn’t 🙂

Picnic’s and family dinners

Watching Hamilton and other great movies and live productions including: The Marvel Series, Harry Potter Series, Avatar, Casablanca, etc.

Supporting local farms, wineries & breweries

Supporting local relief efforts (see posts on “What you can do to help”)

Supporting local restaurants


Our hearts go out to everyone whose lives and livelihoods are being impacted by this pandemic. Whether COVID-19 has touched you or someone you love directly, has affected you financially or has challenged you to keep children educated, occupied, and safe, this virus has brought increased pain and stress to all of us. Together, we will get through this. Please know we are thinking about you and wishing you and your families continued health and well being.

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