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Capital Group outlines several significant factors that can point to a recession and offer perspectives on relevant concerns and questions.

While we at HoyleCohen are always managing your wealth for the long-term, we continue to ask questions related to what could happen next and how it might impact our clients. On Wednesday, August 1, the Federal Reserve’s 0.25% interest rate reduction was the first since 2008 leading some to ask “Is recession just around the corner?” We don’t think so, but rather view it as a precautionary move protecting against a global economic slowdown and trade uncertainty.

The attached presentation from Capital Group addresses some other key questions:  What is a recession? What economic factors could trigger it? How can we position client portfolios to prepare? The information provided is interesting and the key takeaways are simple –

Keep a long-term perspective while remaining balanced and diversified.


This article was written by Capital Group, an entity unrelated to HoyleCohen, LLC. The information herein is educational purposes and has been selected by HoyleCohen due to the timeliness of the subject matter. 

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