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COVID, Consumer Spending, & Overall Financial Goals

A reflection by Jeremy Kovacevich,

I find consumer spending patterns can be fascinating study. As such I found a couple of articles that show how we’ve changed our collective purchasing patterns as a result of COVID to be especially interesting.

While our spending behaviors clearly have changed, I wonder if the same is true of our goals.

Have they changed based on recent experience?  Are the things that are important to us now the same things that were important to us 6 months ago?  Could this scenario provide us an overdue opportunity for reflection and a review of our value (not valuable) allocation?

Our spending habits can illuminate where we dedicate our time and energy and resources. At HoyleCohen, we believe that what’s important in your financial life should align with what’s important in other aspects of your life.

It’s all one life after all! 

How are you incorporating your values and being a good example of planning well and living fully?

To check out the articles, click below:

How U.S. Consumers are Spending Differently During COVID-19

The Pandemic Economy: What are Shoppers Buying Online During COVID-19?

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