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Fintech Platform Packages Services, Solutions

CEO and Senior Managing director of HoyleCohen LLC, Mark Delfino was recently featured in an article covering a new fintech platform by the San Diego Business Journal.

The article highlights a wealth management platform that offers so-called breakaway brokers a place where, for a monthly fee, they can access a range of professional services, such as payroll and human resources; a networking community, including a matchmaking service for advisors looking to buy or sell a practice; and capital.

The firm developing the platform, Chalice Wealth Partners, intends on providing an entire ecosystem. As “the holy grail for wealth advisors,” the platform will provide such a range of functionalities that advisors will only need to sign in once to access anything related to their business. The cost will start at $250 a month.

Mark Delfino gives perspective on the matter stating that the idea of providing a way for advisors to connect is a good one, considering the relatively collaborative nature of its practitioners- albeit a potential challenge to execute. He supports this statement by saying:

“I have a peer group here in town, and we’ll get together and share ideas and best practices,” he said. “I think the industry lends itself to that.”

Delfino said he also values the time he spends with the heads of other firms that are part of the Focus Financial Partners network, which HoyleCohen joined in 2006. And the value of those interactions increases as the network grows. But just having a lot of people in one place, figuratively speaking, isn’t enough, he said.

“Networks effects don’t necessarily magically happen on their own,” he said. “The question really is, what are the mechanisms and the catalysts to do it?”


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