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Could you be missing out on tax-savings opportunities?

Many people do not prepare for the impact of taxes on their investment and retirement accounts until they have been negatively affected by them. As we move into tax season, now is a great time to begin thinking about strategic and tactical tax planning for 2021 and beyond. Over the next several weeks we will be posting some valuable tips on how to cut or minimize taxes.

Tips will include:

  • Taking advantage of employer sponsored savings plans – including HSA’s, FSA’s, 401k’s, and others
  • Paying attention to available tax credits – often people are unaware of tax credits available to them and how to best use them
  • Using Tax Losses – Also known as tax-loss harvesting, this can be an effective strategy to minimize taxes from one year to the next
  • Open a Donor Advised Fund (DAF): A DAF, is a great way to lower your tax base while offering flexible opportunities to donate to charities and nonprofits of your choice
  • Tax Efficient Investing: There are definitely was to invest that are advantageous from a tax-perspective depending upon your individual situation. This is affected by total assets (including property), individual tax bracket, international holdings, long and short term objectives just to name a few.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming posts on and  more in-depth analysis of the above cited ways to




DISCLOSURE: The material above is for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as legal, tax or financial advice. Always consult your CPA/tax advisor/attorney to discuss your specific situation.


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